Aqua Traction Pads

$35.99 - $64.99
0.50 LBS

Use your cooler as a safe stepping platform to reach the gear on your roof rack, spot fish, scout rapids or sit comfortably. Thick EVA foam keeps a grip on whatever it touches. Whether you need to keep your gear, posterior, or feet in place - this works.  

  • Backed with a 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy install - Just peel and stick
  • UV blocker prevents fading
  • Adds custom style to your investment

  Other Benefits:

  • Sound Dampening — Sound-deadening characteristics help you to be more stealthy when needed. Conformable, adhesive-backed,  EVA material is configured to absorb vibrations and reduce resonance to significantly suppress noise and shock waves. 
  • Durability — Aggressive, supercharged adhesive material is designed for marine and outdoor applications. Easy to clean with brush or power washer. Resistant to UV rays, salt water, and fuel spills. Closed cell material won't absorb moisture or oils. Easy to clean and durable.
  • Traction — Flexible, self-adhesive non-skid surfaces protect  against slips, trips, and falls on wet surfaces. Exceptional traction, dry or wet. 
  • Cushioning and Comfort — Shield and insulate  while improving usability. Low light reflection reduces glare, and low thermal conductivity provides insulation.
  • Customizable Design — Have an innovative company logo? Or want to match your cooler to your rig or vessel? We can help you by laser etching your logo onto existing pads or have custom color pads matched to your needs. Makes a great gift!
  • Protection: Highly recommended for darker ice chest lids that will be in direct sunlight (Gray or Granite) — Low thermal conduction insulates users from uncomfortably hot and cold surfaces and keeps the contents of your cooler just that much colder.